What is a Music Therapy Session Like?

There are many different types of music therapy sessions.  Above all, a music therapy session is client-centered, meaning the needs and interests of the client are of utmost importance.  Depending on the assessed functioning of the client and the treatment goals and objectives, here are other important considerations:

Structure – A session may include a group of clients or one-to-one.Upbeat Music Therapy - Sessions

Content –– A session will include lots of music making!  We will sing, play small percussion instruments, engage in movement activities, create new music through improvisation or songwriting, and listen to live or recorded music.  Clients will participate as they choose.  There is no pressure to perform or “get it right.”

Location — A session may take place at the client’s home, at a nursing home, retirement center, day center, at a hospital bedside.

Skill needed – Since musical ability is not necessary for effective music therapy, clients of all ages, skills, abilities and disabilities may benefit.

Some specific groups we may offer:

Bell Choir – for adults in independent or assisted living settings
Singing Group/Choir —  for clients with Parkinson’s Disease or other vocal challenges
Drum Circle—for work environments or other team building settings
Musical Memories – for adults with dementia
Music and Movement — for adults in independent or assisted living settings
Bereavement groups–for adults or kids
Family Music – to encourage family music making