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What is Art Therapy?

What is art therapy?

According to American Art Therapy Association, Art Therapy is a mental health profession in which clients, facilitated by the therapist, use art materials, the creative process, and the resulting work to explore feelings, reconcile emotional conflicts,  increase self-awareness and self-esteem, manage behavior and addictions, develop social skills, and reduce anxiety.



Welcome Art Therapist Diane!

UpBeat Music Therapy Services has added Art Therapy

Please join me in welcoming Diane Chavez, MA!

Here’s a little about Diane:
Diane Chavez is an Art Therapist from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Diane holds a Master of Art Therapy and Counseling degree from Southwestern College. Her dedication to Art Therapy makes her sessions stimulating, fun and transformational. […]

UpBeat Music Therapy Services Welcomes New Clients

UpBeat Music Therapy Services Welcomes New Clients

Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital (the ONLY hospital in Portland/Vancouver offering bedside board-certified music therapy)

The Meadows Adult Family Home (AFH)

Ankeny Circle AFH

Felida Guest Home AFH

Vancouver AFH

We are so happy to have you join our music therapy family!

In addition to our 1:1 clients, our group music therapy clients include:
Quarry Senior […]

Why don’t you volunteer your services?

I have heard this many times. . . why don’t you volunteer? As a university-trained, board-certified music therapist, I get this question a lot! While music is a gift, the training needed for a music therapist to use music to help clients and patients is not! It’s expensive to get and maintain, […]

Why music therapy in medicine?

Music therapy is a health care profession which uses music to effect therapeutic change.

Music therapists are board-certified (MT-BC), and licensed (in some states).  Music therapists must complete 1200 hours of clinical internship experience, an approved Bachelor, Master or Ph. D. level music therapy degree program, and pass a board-certification exam.

In the hospital setting, doctors, […]

Music Therapy Reduces Pain

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” ~ Bob Marley

You know that feeling you get when you listen to music you absolutely love?  You get “the chills” or tingles, or your hair may stand on end.  You might close your eyes to take it all in, and a […]

Music Therapy Reduces Anxiety Response in Hospice Care

Facing the end of life, your own or a loved one’s, commonly brings with it feelings of anxiety.   These feelings may stem from a variety of sources, including emotional, psychological, spiritual or social.  Medications, physiological changes in the body due to the progression of illness may also contribute to anxiety in patients on hospice […]

Music Therapy Helps Families Say Goodbye

Transition is perhaps among of the most difficult times we human beings face. We shift from one situation to another, sometimes becoming overwhelmed by the challenges these transitions bring to ourselves and to those we love. Patients in hospice care and their families can find these changes troublesome, often having difficulty letting go of […]

Music Therapy vs. Entertainment

I am often referred to as “the entertainment.”

Or “the music lady.”

I have become accustomed to this, since the word “therapist” just isn’t often heard in the same sentence with “music.”  We think of music as having the function of entertaining us, but in truth, music has healing properties which are well-documented in human experience […]

Welcome, Emilie!!

UpBeat Music Therapy Services welcomes Emilie to our team!

Emilie hails from California and brings skills on flute, guitar, accordion and ukulele to the clinical setting.  Emilie is warm, energetic and outgoing, and provides high quality clinical work.  Emilie received her music therapy training at Marylhurst University and Earthtones Music Therapy Services.  Emilie will be […]