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How to talk about music therapy, Lesson 1

For the past year or so since I became a board-certified music therapist and founded my private practice, I have been searching out every opportunity to talk about music therapy to whomever will listen.  I practice in the city of Vancouver, Washington, USA.  There are several registered music therapists who no longer practice, and […]

962, almost there!

I had a wonderful time at the Special Ed Conference held at Prairie High School today. It was a great event, well-attended and I gave 2 presentations as well as speaking to a number of people who came by my exhibitor table.

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Happy 80th Birthday, Casey Kasem!

Happy Birthday, Casey Kasem!! In one of my music therapy groups today, we sang “Happy Birthday” to Casey Kasem and reminisced about his show, American Top 40. We played tambourines to the very first song to be played on “American Top 40” (July 4, 1970) — Marvin Gaye’s “End of The Road.” […]

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Music Therapy in the Longview Daily News Here is a link to an article about the music therapy group I lead in Longview for client with Alzheimer’s: This group is sponsored by SWAAD and offers caregivers a chance to come to their support meeting while their loved one attends […]

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Mike, Lee Anne, Roy, Terry, Barbara, thanks for listening!

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Drum Circle November 29 at Gallery 360

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Dustin, Shirley and Jane, join the club!

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At our dinner break between rehearsals on Saturday, several members of Bravo Vancouver Chorale and I discussed music therapy in Clark County — We had a very fun concert with the lovely Melissa Manchester at the Newmark Theater ~ She sang “Don’t Cry Out Loud,” “Through the Eyes of Love,” “Midnight Blue,” and so […]

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Welcome aboard, Jackie, Angela, Heather, Tracy, Danette, Andrea and Barbara!

Dr. Deforia Lane

Yesterday, a group of us travelled to Seattle Pacific University to spend time with renowned music therapist Dr. Deforia Lane.  Her work with music therapy in medical settings is legendary and she is inspiring and lovely in person.  She spoke not only about her work but also her faith and how the two interconnect.