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Why don’t you volunteer your services?

I have heard this many times. . . why don’t you volunteer? As a university-trained, board-certified music therapist, I get this question a lot! While music is a gift, the training needed for a music therapist to use music to help clients and patients is not! It’s expensive to get and maintain, […]

“More Science Suggests Music Can Boost Mind and Body”

Great article at says that according to new research, music therapy can effect huge changes in the lives of people suffering from mental-hearth issues such as depression.Lead researcher and professor Christian gold explained, “Music therapy has specific qualities that allows people to express themselves and interact in a nonverbal way.  Even when people […]

Journal of Biomusical Engineering, The Body in Time and Self-Similarity Concepts by Daniel SchenckThis abstract discusses how research into selfsimilarity and space-time can provide insight into the mechanisms by which the six elements of music (rhythm, melody, harmony, timbre, dynamics, and form) are successful in eliciting profound physiological responses. When these mechanisms are more […]