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Music Therapy Helps Families Say Goodbye

Transition is perhaps among of the most difficult times we human beings face. We shift from one situation to another, sometimes becoming overwhelmed by the challenges these transitions bring to ourselves and to those we love. Patients in hospice care and their families can find these changes troublesome, often having difficulty letting go of […]

Early Childhood Care is Critical to a Child’s Future

In the first three years of life, a large part of the brain’s architecture is formed.  As much as 90% of brain development occurs in the first three to five years.So what happens if children don’t get quality education and care during these formative years?  At-risk children are:25% are more likely to drop out […]


My good friend Kathy invited me to a wonderful event for SELF (support for early learning) at the yet-to-be-opened beautiful Ft. Vancouver Regional Library at Evergreen and C Streets. We got a tour of the early learning section of the library, met the incredible designer of the interactive play structures, and did some networking.  […]