A patient heard me singing across the hall from her hospital room and immediately rang her call button to ask if I would come to her room, too. When I arrived with my guitar, Reverie Harp and Native American flute, she smiled broadly and said, “thank you so much for coming!” The patient was experiencing dyspnea and the anxiety that often accompanies shortness of breath. She said that when she heard me sing, she could feel her body relax and her breath become deeper and more rhythmic. The patient asked me to sing a number of hymns for her, and she also requested a song that her pastor had sung recently at a service. Using and iPhone and ultimateguitar.com, the hospital chaplain and I muddled our way through her desired song. The patient closed her eyes and listened, smiling and tapping the beat quietly with her hand. She said, “that was better than any medicine they could give me!” Medical music therapy works!