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More about music therapy and agitation in dementia

The article in the Nursing Times (Nursing Practice-review; had such great information about music therapy and agitation in patients with dementia, I just had to share more about what the researchers found.

The article outlines 4 key points (slightly changed to reflect U.S. figures):

1. There are over 5 million people in the […]

Why music therapy in medicine?

Music therapy is a health care profession which uses music to effect therapeutic change.

Music therapists are board-certified (MT-BC), and licensed (in some states).  Music therapists must complete 1200 hours of clinical internship experience, an approved Bachelor, Master or Ph. D. level music therapy degree program, and pass a board-certification exam.

In the hospital setting, doctors, […]

Music Therapy Reduces Pain

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” ~ Bob Marley

You know that feeling you get when you listen to music you absolutely love?  You get “the chills” or tingles, or your hair may stand on end.  You might close your eyes to take it all in, and a […]

Music Therapy Reduces Anxiety Response in Hospice Care

Facing the end of life, your own or a loved one’s, commonly brings with it feelings of anxiety.   These feelings may stem from a variety of sources, including emotional, psychological, spiritual or social.  Medications, physiological changes in the body due to the progression of illness may also contribute to anxiety in patients on hospice […]

Music Therapy Helps Families Say Goodbye

Transition is perhaps among of the most difficult times we human beings face. We shift from one situation to another, sometimes becoming overwhelmed by the challenges these transitions bring to ourselves and to those we love. Patients in hospice care and their families can find these changes troublesome, often having difficulty letting go of […]

Evidence in favor of music therapy

Evidence in favor of music therapy


Is there scientific proof for the effectiveness of music therapy?  The answer is yes!  In fact, there is a wide body of research that shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that music therapy is indeed effective.  Here are a few ways in which music therapy can be helpful […]

Music = Brain Exercise When you play music, you are exercising your brain in a unique way. In fact, very few things change the brain like music does. “I think there’s enough evidence to say that musical experience, musical exposure, musical training, all of those things change your brain,” says Dr. Charles Limb, associate […]

908 I’m getting close to that 1,000 mark! I spoke to a lovely group of women at a PEO Sisterhood meeting Tuesday night. At the meeting were 15 women, many of whom are musicians and could relate to my topic because of their own experiences. Several women sing with “Vancouver […]


I had the privilege of giving a presentation to a TBI support group meeting this past week. I was humbled by the stories that these courageous people shared with me.

Can Participating in Music Slow the Aging Process?

Yes, according to this article from Psychology Today’s blog.  It reports the findings of two studies into this topic, which show clear brain power superiority of active musicians in several areas including spatial (nonverbal) memory, processing speed, and cognitive flexibility.  Other studies suggest that teens and adults who are involved in music, whether […]