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Drumming in the New Year

Did you know drumming has all kinds of health benefits?

Drum circles are becoming more and more popular in the senior living industry as research continues to show how effective drumming circles are for health, not only for residents but staff as well.

Drumming reduces stress, boosts the immune system, helps to release negative feelings, […]

More about music therapy and agitation in dementia

The article in the Nursing Times (Nursing Practice-review; had such great information about music therapy and agitation in patients with dementia, I just had to share more about what the researchers found.

The article outlines 4 key points (slightly changed to reflect U.S. figures):

1. There are over 5 million people in the […]

Music Therapy Helps Families Say Goodbye

Transition is perhaps among of the most difficult times we human beings face. We shift from one situation to another, sometimes becoming overwhelmed by the challenges these transitions bring to ourselves and to those we love. Patients in hospice care and their families can find these changes troublesome, often having difficulty letting go of […]

Music Therapy vs. Entertainment

I am often referred to as “the entertainment.”

Or “the music lady.”

I have become accustomed to this, since the word “therapist” just isn’t often heard in the same sentence with “music.”  We think of music as having the function of entertaining us, but in truth, music has healing properties which are well-documented in human experience […]

Music Therapy and Dementia

Here’s a great article about music therapy and dementia:


I have revived my 1000 Person Project, giving myself another shot at reaching my goal of telling 1,000 people in Clark County (Vancouver, Camas, Washougal, LaCenter, Salmon Creek, Washington) about the healing power of music and music therapy. Today, I was invited to a PEO meeting, attended by 36 lovely women. I […]


I gave a presentation to a lovely group at an assisted living facility last week who got to hear my elevator speech about music therapy . . .

Professionals in Aging Meeting announcement

Networking meeting —  CLARK COUNTY PROFESSIONALS IN AGINGCDM Adult Day Services CenterTuesday November 8th, 20112409 BroadwayVancouver, WA  986637:45-9 AMAGENDA7:45 – 9 a.m.        Networking & PresentationHEARING PRESENTATIONNicolette will educate us on how our ears process sound and the challenges for adults with hearing loss. In addition she will present recent findings on hearing […]

Can Participating in Music Slow the Aging Process?

Yes, according to this article from Psychology Today’s blog.  It reports the findings of two studies into this topic, which show clear brain power superiority of active musicians in several areas including spatial (nonverbal) memory, processing speed, and cognitive flexibility.  Other studies suggest that teens and adults who are involved in music, whether […]