Did you know drumming has all kinds of health benefits?

Drum circles are becoming more and more popular in the senior living industry as research continues to show how effective drumming circles are for health, not only for residents but staff as well.

Drumming reduces stress, boosts the immune system, helps to release negative feelings, grounds us in the present moment, and helps to connect with ourselves and others.

UpBeat Music Therapy Services provides drum circle facilitation (and drums) for groups of all types! We have provided drum circles for the following populations:

Seniors in Independent Living
Seniors in Assisted Living
Seniors in Memory Care
Children on the Autism Spectrum
Bereaved children and their families
Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation
Staff team building
Well elders
Public events

Give drumming a try! UpBeat will provide everything you need– just provide the participants and we take it from there.

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