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Welcome Art Therapist Diane!

UpBeat Music Therapy Services has added Art Therapy

Please join me in welcoming Diane Chavez, MA!

Here’s a little about Diane:
Diane Chavez is an Art Therapist from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Diane holds a Master of Art Therapy and Counseling degree from Southwestern College. Her dedication to Art Therapy makes her sessions stimulating, fun and transformational. […]

UpBeat welcomes Erin Willems Music Therapy

UpBeat Music Therapy Services is excited to introduce you to our newest subcontractor, Erin Willems!

Erin has been a practicing board-certified music therapist for nearly a decade and recently moved to the Portland/Vancouver area from California. Erin is a vocalist and also plays guitar, drums and flute. She is warm, compassionate and intuitive and enjoys […]

Holiday Music — It’s not too soon!

We have just booked 3 Thanksgiving and Christmas party dates for the upcoming holidays!! Every year, my subcontractors (Kindred Spirits Music Therapy, Rose City Music Therapy and Waves Music Therapy) and I are asked to provide musical “entertainment” for client and family parties. While this isn’t really “music therapy” per se, we […]

Music Therapy Reduces Pain

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” ~ Bob Marley

You know that feeling you get when you listen to music you absolutely love?  You get “the chills” or tingles, or your hair may stand on end.  You might close your eyes to take it all in, and a […]

Music Therapy vs. Entertainment

I am often referred to as “the entertainment.”

Or “the music lady.”

I have become accustomed to this, since the word “therapist” just isn’t often heard in the same sentence with “music.”  We think of music as having the function of entertaining us, but in truth, music has healing properties which are well-documented in human experience […]

Welcome, Emilie!!

UpBeat Music Therapy Services welcomes Emilie to our team!

Emilie hails from California and brings skills on flute, guitar, accordion and ukulele to the clinical setting.  Emilie is warm, energetic and outgoing, and provides high quality clinical work.  Emilie received her music therapy training at Marylhurst University and Earthtones Music Therapy Services.  Emilie will be […]

UpBeat Music Therapy Services welcomes Dan!

Welcome to our team, Dan!  

UpBeat welcomes Dan to our team!  Dan is a Southern Californian and is a jazz guitarist, percussionist and has experience in recording arts studies.  Dan has strong clinical skills and a calm, accepting, and inviting presence.  Dan will be serving groups of older adults as well as middle school […]

How to talk about music therapy: Lesson 4 Get ready for public speaking!

Got your name tag?

Compelling elevator sentence and follow up ready?

If so, it’s time to find an audience.  Yes, a real, live interactive audience that wants to hear what  you have to say.

Wait, I hate public speaking!!  It is, of course, one of the most feared things in life!  That rush of adrenaline, and the […]

How To Talk About Music Therapy Lesson 3: Wear a name tag

Several months ago, I attended a networking event for people working seniors. There were 50 or so people in attendance from Adult Family Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, nursing homes, financial companies, insurance brokers, nurses, hospice workers, and the like. One of the first people to approach me, the newbie at the meeting, was a […]

How to talk about music therapy, Lesson 1

For the past year or so since I became a board-certified music therapist and founded my private practice, I have been searching out every opportunity to talk about music therapy to whomever will listen.  I practice in the city of Vancouver, Washington, USA.  There are several registered music therapists who no longer practice, and […]