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Music = Brain Exercise When you play music, you are exercising your brain in a unique way. In fact, very few things change the brain like music does. “I think there’s enough evidence to say that musical experience, musical exposure, musical training, all of those things change your brain,” says Dr. Charles Limb, associate […]

No TV under 2!!

 I guess mom was right when she limited our television watching.  Recent research makes it clear young children learn more efficiently from real interactions — with people and things — than from situations on video screens. “We know some learning can take place from media” for children of school ages, said […]

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“More Science Suggests Music Can Boost Mind and Body”

Great article at says that according to new research, music therapy can effect huge changes in the lives of people suffering from mental-hearth issues such as depression.Lead researcher and professor Christian gold explained, “Music therapy has specific qualities that allows people to express themselves and interact in a nonverbal way.  Even when people […]

7 Days to Better Brain Power with Music! Day 5

Day 5 —      Join a choir or band, or take group lessons   Some of the greatest benefits of music making include the social activity of group classes and performances.  A 1999 study showed people who participated in group keyboard lessons experienced significantly decreased feelings of depression, anxiety and loneliness, and showed […]

7 Days to Better Brain Power with Music! – Day 4

Hands down, this is my favorite way to boost brain power!!  I have always loved to sing, and my earliest memories of singing date back to kindergarten when I sang in a church choir in Corvallis, Oregon.  I have sung in numerous school, church, college, community and professional choirs over the years […]

7 Days to Better Brain Power with Music – Day 3

How are you doing with your brain power boosting?  Music can be a wonderful way to improve your brain functioning —  You have already learned that listening to music you like can lift your mood and encourage you to relax!  And that learning a new musical instrument at any age really stimulates […]

7 Days to Better Brain Power with Music! – Day 2

So Day 1 talked about listening to your favorite music.  Have you spent some time finding some great music to load onto your iPod?  While I was working yesterday, I turned on Pandora Radio to the choral music channel and listened to the glorious voices sing great choral works. It was so uplifting to […]

7 Days to Better Brain Power with Music!

Music boosts brain power! — Over the next seven days, I will share with you an idea each day for using music to do just that.  These are simple, enjoyable ways to add music to your life while helping your brain function better and helping you feel better ~Day One — Listen to music […]