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Music Therapy Reduces Pain

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” ~ Bob Marley

You know that feeling you get when you listen to music you absolutely love?  You get “the chills” or tingles, or your hair may stand on end.  You might close your eyes to take it all in, and a […]

Music Therapy Reduces Anxiety Response in Hospice Care

Facing the end of life, your own or a loved one’s, commonly brings with it feelings of anxiety.   These feelings may stem from a variety of sources, including emotional, psychological, spiritual or social.  Medications, physiological changes in the body due to the progression of illness may also contribute to anxiety in patients on hospice […]

Music Therapy Helps Families Say Goodbye

Transition is perhaps among of the most difficult times we human beings face. We shift from one situation to another, sometimes becoming overwhelmed by the challenges these transitions bring to ourselves and to those we love. Patients in hospice care and their families can find these changes troublesome, often having difficulty letting go of […]

UpBeat Music Therapy Services in the News!

From Innovative Services NW’s April 2014 Newsletter:
Upbeat Music Therapy and Marylhurst interns bring music to life for clients and kids
Anne Vitort knows the power of music for healing and improving quality of life. After bringing the Music for Everyone project to Innovative last year, Vitort has remained committed to supporting our programs. This year, […]

The “flow” of music

I just finished reading a book entitled, “Flow” by Dr. Mihaly Csikszentimihalyi, a psychologist.   The book included an entire section on The Flow of Music.

Dr. Csikszentimailhalyi says, “In every known culture, the ordering of sound in ways that please the ear has been used extensively to improve the quality of life.”  Perhaps the […]

Music Therapy vs. Entertainment

I am often referred to as “the entertainment.”

Or “the music lady.”

I have become accustomed to this, since the word “therapist” just isn’t often heard in the same sentence with “music.”  We think of music as having the function of entertaining us, but in truth, music has healing properties which are well-documented in human experience […]

WRAMTA Conference 2014

The WRAMTA Conference drew to a close this evening with a beautiful ceremony and great music.  Thank you to all the amazing music therapists who gave of their time to present the Western Region Conference of the American Music Therapy Association for 2014 in Portland, OR.  We don’t get to host regional or national […]

Welcome, Emilie!!

UpBeat Music Therapy Services welcomes Emilie to our team!

Emilie hails from California and brings skills on flute, guitar, accordion and ukulele to the clinical setting.  Emilie is warm, energetic and outgoing, and provides high quality clinical work.  Emilie received her music therapy training at Marylhurst University and Earthtones Music Therapy Services.  Emilie will be […]

UpBeat Music Therapy Services welcomes Dan!

Welcome to our team, Dan!  

UpBeat welcomes Dan to our team!  Dan is a Southern Californian and is a jazz guitarist, percussionist and has experience in recording arts studies.  Dan has strong clinical skills and a calm, accepting, and inviting presence.  Dan will be serving groups of older adults as well as middle school […]

Singing in a group is good for you!

From an article by Dominique Mosbergen for Huffington Post:


“Many choir singers would likely attest to the soothing and bonding experience that comes from belting out chants and hymns in unison. And there’s science to back them up.

Last year, Norwegian researchers found that singing in a choir may help form social bonds; while a 2007 […]

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