Professional  Mission Statement

UpBeat Music Therapy Services will provide therapeutic musical experiences to help clients meet non-musical goals.  Clients will include older adults in Adult Family Homes, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Hospice/Palliative Care, Hospital or Rehabilitation settings.

We will strive to offer quality music therapy services to individual and organizational clients in Clark County, Washington.  We will charge reasonable fees for my work and will strive to maintain a high degree of professionalism and integrity.

We will continue to educate ourselves about music therapy to keep current on research, trends, repertoire and techniques.  We will educate Clark County on the applications and outcomes of music therapy.

It is our intention that our music therapy practice will become the highest quality, most visible professional program in our immediate area.  We believe in abundance and cooperation rather than scarcity and competition.  Our relationships with other music and other creative arts therapists will reflect this belief.

Personal Mission Statement

I believe I have been called to the music therapy profession to serve others in gratitude for my life’s blessings.  With this sense of meaning and purpose comes a responsibility to practice music therapy with quality, integrity, impartiality and unconditional positive regard.  I believe I can best serve clients by:

Helping them find joy in music making and sharing musical experiences
Listening more than talking; singing more than speaking

Using knowledge and good faith to determine what is in their best interest and having the courage to act accordingly

Helping them and their loved ones know their self-worth as beloved of God.